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  • Made from lambskin suede, the Wave sweatshirt offers maximum comfort. Its construction is a technical feat, with zips on the body, the sleeves and the hood. Once again French Deal applies its daring creativity to the sweatshirt, creating zips that, when opened, revealing a red leather gusset. The result is truly sophisticated streetwear apparel. 

    2 992 €
  • Of Indian inspiration, this piece is a feat of artisan production savoir-faire. The top section and hood have been meticulously embroidered by hand using the “Aari” technique. This task in itself takes 150 hours of work and a team of 6 people. The bottom part of this two-material sweatshirt is in shiny dipped lambskin, giving this piece a look that is...

    4 667 €
  • The hand-crafted Tracks sweatshirt is the fruit of true creative research. Tailored from two materials, its shape structured by double piping, plays on a contrast of fabrics, alternating from dipped lambskin to lambskin suede.

    3 708 €
  • This two-color cotton fleece sweatshirt is structured by cotton double piping. Like its leather alter ego, the TRACKS Cotton model requires exceptional treatment of the materials to produce the perfect combination of French Deal creativity and skilled craftsmanship. Ideal for everyday use, it is both refined and laid back.

    517 €
  • Made of brushed molton cotton, the Freestyle sweatshirt offers comfort and ease of movement. Its top section entirely covered with guipure, this meticulously crafted piece is astonishing in its originality.

    950 €
  • The Freestyle short-sleeve sweatshirt distinguishes itself through the unique cut of the sleeves and use of molton cotton. The top of the sweatshirt is decorated with an entirely hand sown guipure.

    625 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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